Emma Nelson (sparkle_spaz28) wrote,
Emma Nelson

Hey! Obviously, I'm Emma Nelson, and I'm in grade 9 at Degrassi. Let's think..my mom is married to Mr. Simpson, the MI teacher at Degrassi(but you all probably know that by now), I have a baby brother named Jack, and I love doing whatever I can to help save the world. Even if it means getting suspended for protesting against GM(genetically modified)foods. But we won't get into that.

I'm Sean's ex-girlfriend. Yes, that Sean. Unlikely pair, I know, but that got messy, so maybe now's not the time to get into that..I'm also the ex-best friend of Manny Santos. You know, the one who helped Craig cheat on his beyond-awesome girlfriend, Ashley? We were so close. But things change, people change and they drift apart. Let's just say..I didn't want to be friends with the school slut.

Don't really know what more to say, but Happy New Year!
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